Personal Training can take you to the next level

Our experienced trainers can help you do just that. They have one goal in mind: your well-being. They’re dedicated to helping you achieve whatever personal fitness and health goals you have with carefully customized plans that have your best fitness in mind. With experience, motivation, and passion, they’ll get you where you want to be.

Everyone has a different reason for choosing a personal trainer. Maybe you’re wondering, “How do I stay motivated? Why am I not seeing results after months of working out? Why am I stuck at this level of fitness that I have worked so hard to reach? What’s the fitness routine that’s best for me?” My experience with BeFit! and Brittany as my trainer has been nothing short of amazing. The club has many great options for all levels of exercise.

“When I started, I wanted to join somewhere climate controlled, that I could do some cardio. Once I starting working with Brittany, she patiently taught me how to use the cable machines and dumbbells, along with many full body exercise routines I could do by myself. Her excitement was infectious and I loved going in for 1-on-1 training sessions. When she started the small group classes I was even more excited to join with other members! Brittany gives me tips and tricks whenever I see her and pushes me to do more to achieve my goals. Without her training, I’d just be walking on a treadmill. Now, I’m more confident, I have more knowledge about exercises and enjoy the time I spend at the gym. With her training, support with diet and meal planning, I’ve lost 20 lbs and feel amazing. I’m always excited to see what Brittany will challenge me with next!”  – Tressa A.

Sometimes we all need a little help

Let our certified trainers motivate, encourage and educate you in how to work out for your specific fitness goals. Personal training is an investment in yourself so you can live the long, active lifestyle you would like. You’ll have more energy and you’ll be more productive in your personal and work life. After each personal training session you will feel a sense of accomplishment and invigoration that keeps you coming back!

A Personal Trainer Will Help You:

  • Create a game plan to achieve specific fitness goals
  • Stay motivated to work out
  • Exercise safely
  • Gain knowledge about fitness and sort out fact from fiction
  • Recover from injuries

Our Personal Training Options

All new members receive two complimentary sessions with a trainer which provide our members with a customized plan to help them get started.
These sessions are a great way to jumpstart your fitness routine at be FIT! Do you have specific fitness goals such as losing weight, improving balance and flexibility, or increasing strength but need guidance with where to start? These sessions will make you feel confident in the club and also allow you to track your progress. We recommend that members use this service monthly to help stay on track and stay motivated.

Personal Training Rates

Half hour sessions – $40 per session
Hour sessions – $55 per session
Partner sessions area available in both hour and half hour increments.

Personal training sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Group Training– $90 for unlimited classes, 6 week session

Ready to get your fitness on?