Gym Policies


  • All non-members must sign a guest waiver.
  • Unaccompanied guests must leave picture ID with front desk, so we know who you are.
  • If you lose your swipe card, it will cost you $5 to replace it—so please take care of it.
  • We’d love to meet your friends and family. You can bring in a first time guest for free for one workout.
  • Members must be 18 years of age. Guests must be 16 to use the facility when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Keep It Clean

  • Members are asked to clean each machine and mat after use.
  • Throw your paper towels in the trash.
  • Save a tree, use one towel to clean the equipment. Bring a “sweat” towel if needed.

Proper hygiene and attire required

  • Wear clean clothes and deodorant while working out. Inappropriate body odor is offensive (and nobody wants to offend, right?).
  • Dry, closed-top athletic shoes are required. No dress shoes, boots or sandals are permitted (boots and dress shoes do a number on our equipment, and sandals are dangerous). NO STREET SHOES, PLEASE. Bring gym shoes and change before getting your fit on. We do our best to keep the place spic n’ span, this really helps us out!
  • No Jeans (the hard fabrics and fancy rivets really wear down our benches quickly).

Use the equipment properly

  • If you use it, put it back!
  • Return weight plates and dumbbells to their designated places.
  • DO NOT leave dumbbells on the floor or weight plates on the bar.
  • If you move equipment, put it back where it belongs.Do not sit on equipment between sets. Allow others to work out (even if you are texting your buddy!)
  • Do not use weights while on cardio equipment.
  • Misusing the equipment can result in injury and/or damage to the equipment; follow directions and instructions. Ask for assistance from the fitness staff if you are unfamiliar with equipment.

Don’t be overly noisy

  • Do not slam, drop, clang or throw dumbbells/equipment on the floor when you are finished.
  • Keep grunting to a minimum (we know you’re working hard, no need to show off).
  • Please keep cell phone use to a minimum. If you need to take a call or answer that urgent email/text, please just step away from the equipment and allow others to use the piece you are on.

Please be courteous

  • Please treat staff and other members with civility and respect.
  • Do not judge others. Allow everyone the chance to have fun and enjoy beFIT!
  • Please give personal space to others.
  • Abusive language or actions will not be tolerated and could be met with termination of membership (no bullying please).
  • Please contact the Member Services desk or a manager if you feel someone is not acting appropriately.

Food & Drink

  • No food or drink (except water) allowed in the fitness area.
  • No glass bottles in fitness center.



Personal Belongings

  • The only space available for your stuff is in a locker. We cannot hold belongings behind the desk.
  • If it isn’t yours, don’t take it. Please respect other members’ property.
  • Check at the front desk if you have left something in fitness center. Items will be discarded or donated at the end of each calendar month.
  • ALWAYS lock your locker.