All the Ins and Outs of Membership

Be you at beFIT! Members have the choice of flexible membership options that fit your lifestyle, including equipment only, classes and equipment, and more membership options. Join today to choose the option that's right for you!

Once you become a member, you can manage your classes, see appointments, and review your history of check-ins and purchases with a MYiClubOnline account. It will make managing your membership a breeze!

Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding memberships and billing:

What are your holiday hours?

beFIT! is open everyday of the year including holidays. If group fitness classes are cancelled, we will send out an email and post it on Facebook.

Do I need membership card to get in every day?

You must use your membership card for admittance into beFIT!

How do I cancel my membership?

30 days signed written notice is required for membership cancellation. You can process it in person with a staff member or mail it to the club via certified mail: 156 Northampton St. Easthampton,MA

I need a receipt of my billing for reimbursement. How can I receive one?

Log in to MYiClubOnline to access your membership agreement and payment history. We can provide a receipt for you. To request a receipt please either call or visit the club and ask a member service representative.

To update or change your address and/or billing information please visit the club and speak with a member service representative. Your credit card will not work for EFT if the numbers have changed even though it is the same credit card.

What is EFT? How does it work?

Your membership dues are billed electronically each month directly to your credit card, checking account or savings account. This process occurs automatically on the same day each month or on the next business day if your bill day falls on a Sunday or a holiday.