Membership Does Have Its Benefits

One size fits all is not how we roll. At beFIT! we have membership options for every person and every budget.

Read on to see just what you’ll get:

Easthampton Membership Options

  • 12 Month Membership
    $35/ moNo Start-Up Fee
    This membership is an equipment only membership.
    This is a 12-month membership which auto-renews to a month to month membership. This auto renewal rate is $35.
  • Month to Month
    Most Popular!
    $25/ mo$99 Start-Up fee
    This membership is an equipment-only membership.
    This is a month to month membership that can be cancelled at anytime with 30 days written notice.
    After the first 12 months, the monthly membership will increase to $35/month.
  • 7-Day Membership

    *Dip your toe in and check us out with this week long membership. When you are convinced we’re a great fit for you after your 7 days are up, you’ll need to come into the club and sign up for another membership.


Join our Easthampton Club

Students join beFIT Health Clubs for the summer for only $99 for 3 months!

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