Be FIT! will be updating our safety plan to adhere with the CDC. OSHA and local government guidelines.
The safety and well being of our community has always been a top priority at be FIT! Health Club and this is especially true now. As we look forward to re-opening our doors we believe it is important to provide you with a detailed explanation with what to expect. While there will be noticeable changes in our cleaning practices, operating procedures, class design and member policies please know that we’ve made it our mission to keep our community and employees healthy and strong. All while maintaining the be FIT! environment you know and love.
We know that for some of you returning to be FIT! for an in person workout it may not be an immediate reality. This is why we are offering our Healthy at Home program which provides daily workouts, motivational support and nutritional guidance which will ensure you stay connected to our be FIT! community. Please click on this link to access our private Facebook group for our Healthy at Home program: Healthy at Home
What follows is a detailed outline of what to expect when be FIT! re-opens. You will find information regarding:
1.       Entering/Exiting the club
2.       What to expect from our staff
3.       Our member code of conduct
4.       Our staff code of conduct
5.       Facility updates
6.       Updating cleaning and disinfecting procedures
We encourage you to read through these details entirely so that you gain a full understanding of what we are doing to keep our members and staff healthy. As well as, what we are asking from our community to help make this possible. Thank  you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we work to make be FIT! a safe place to work out.
1.       Entering the facility/Exiting the facility
We ask that members bring minimal personal belongings into be FIT! Please refrain from bringing gym bags, large purses, food and extra clothing into the facility. Wallets, phones, keys, water bottles and other small items necessary for exercise (i.e. an inhaler) will be permitted. We will not be providing mats, but we do encourage members to bring their own mat or towel. If you do not have your own mat, we’ll have some available to purchase at the front desk.
Please note that the showers will not be available for use.
Members must  enter be FIT! using the swipe card access entrance. You must wear a mask the entire time you are in the facility and maintain a 6 foot distance between other members and be FIT! staff at all time. You will then stop at the table near the entrance and take a cleaning bottle for use during your workout. We also ask you to sanitize your hands at this station as well. Members code of conduct will be displayed near this table and we ask that all members read it thoroughly. As you proceed into the club, markings will be placed on the floor throughout the facility to help with the flow of member traffic. To leave the facility, members must walk through the office area and leave through the swipe card access door. You may use the office door while the club is staffed.
2.       What to expect from be FIT! staff
The be FIT! staff members are required to wear facemasks at all times while in the facility and keep a 6-foot distance from members at all times. In addition, disinfect equipment after member use.
3.     Our members code of conduct
In order to keep you, your family and our team safe we are asking everyone who enters be FIT! read and follow the code of conduct.
Stay home if experiencing any symptoms of illness
Sanitize hands when entering the facility
Wear a face mask when entering be FIT! and it must be worn while you remain in the club
Please bring minimal personal items into the facility
Disinfecting equipment after each use
Wash your hands per posted CDC guidelines
Maintain 6 feet of distance at all times with other members and staff
Thank you for keeping the be FIT! Community healthy!
4. Our Staff code of conduct
Similarly, be FIT! staff members must agree with the following code of conduct:
Follow all new safety cleaning and sanitizing policies and procedures at all times
Stay home if experiencing any symptoms of illness
Sanitize hands when entering the facility
Where a facemask all times while in the facility
Please bring minimal personal items into the facility
Wash your hands per the posted CDC guidelines
Maintain 6 feet of distance at all times with other members and staff
Alert management if any household members become ill with Covid-19
5. Facility Updates
     The facility went through a deep cleaning process. Each cardio machine was semi-disassembled,  vacuumed of all dust/debris, and all surfaces disinfected/wiped clean. Every weight machine/free weight/surface was disinfected/wiped clean. Every square inch of the facility was vacuumed. All of the walls in the club were inspected, patched where necessary, and painted. The rubber flooring has been deep cleaned with a heavy duty rotating scouring pad and wet vacuumed.
     The layout of the club has been changed to better suit the Covid-19 guidelines. be FIT! has always needed a space dedicated to small group training and the Covid-19 response calls for six feet of distance between members. So after a long process, we determined that the cardio area must be in only one location in the club, versus two separate areas. We also determined that the free weights must all be combined to one area of the club. The end result happens to be the best layout that this club has ever seen utilizing four distinct areas, (cardio/stretching, weight machines/crossovers, free weights, and group training). With only a couple of exceptions, all machine seats, and free weight seats are 6 feet apart for easy access during workouts while keeping safe distances for the Covid-19 response. When the group training area is not being used for classes, it is a perfect area to practice safe distance workouts and utilize some of the added amenities. We have added to the group training area specifically, including weighted barbells for group training, dumbbells ranging from (1# – 10#) for group training, plyo boxes from (1.5 feet – 3 feet), reebok steps, and flat benches. We have also added 2 sets of Olympic rubber drop weights.
     The club looks great and has a good feel, we would love to hear your thoughts come opening day.
6. Cleaning products and procedures
We are using medical grade disinfectants that are EPA registered on all surfaces. We are also stocked on gloves, masks, disinfectants and cleaners, hand soaps and hand sanitizer
New cleaning and sanitizing procedures and schedule
Members will be required to spray and wipe down their equipment
After members leave, staff will also do an additional cleaning and sanitizing of the equipment
Mid-day cleaning – all high touch surfaces such as tables, counter tops, door knobs and restrooms will be disinfected.
End of day cleaning – Our floors will be cleaned with a disinfectant and all high touch surfaces such as tables, counter tops, door knobs and restrooms will be disinfected
We understand that this outline has presented member changes to be FIT! And your daily routine with us. We hope that our efforts and the level of detail included in this outline make you feel safe, protected and valued as members of be FIT! It is our hope that our members trust us to keep our facility clean and to hold all members of our community to the same standards while still enjoying the energy and motivation in the environment they love.
If there is anything additional we can do to make you feel safe in our community please let us know. We are looking forward to having you back and continuing to be an integral part of your wellness journey.
Thanks and be well!
be FIT! Staff