I’m a trainer here at Befit, and one of my core beliefs is that a healthy diet is the most important factor to living a healthy life. I try hard to maintain a clean diet and control my portions, but motivation can be a limited resource and like everyone I reached a point where there was very little to be found. I was giving into to cravings, snacking too often, and choosing the wrong foods to eat. I knew that a restrictive diet would only work for so long before boredom took over, so I started researching intermittent fasting. Rather than controlling what you can and cannot eat, intermittent fasting controls when you can eat, and makes fighting off cravings much easier. The basic idea is that you remain in a “fasted state” for 16 hours of the day, and eat in a window of the remaining 8 hours. Basically, skip breakfast, and don’t snack after dinner. At first I thought I would be extremely hungry on this routine, but I was amazed at how controllable my hunger was. While fasting I leaned that often times we confuse food cravings with thirst so I satisfied those cravings with lots of water, black tea, black coffee, and seltzer. During the eating window (I eat between 12pm and 8pm) make sure you are eating wholesome meals full of nutrients. That’s it! Doing this has helped me to control how much I eat during the day, minimizes the amount of junk food I consume, and believe it or not has gotten my body used to eating less food all together. It has helped me shed weight without all the tiny portions and weird diet rules that many other fad diets have; and on top of that there are many studies that say that being in a fasted state is good for your brain function, cleansing the body, and getting more your of your exercise. If you’re looking for a new kind of “diet” or are tired of eating the same bland foods every day, look up intermittent fasting and give it a try.

by Taylor England