“My name is Shawn Cantwell.  I’m 43 years old and finally made the decision to get healthy last year.    I started a Keto diet on December 1st 2015 and started losing some weight and feeling better.  When I saw be Fit Health Club opening in February, I pulled in and made the best decision of my life and joined on the spot.   I remember the first few weeks of BARELY being able to walk on the elliptical machine for 10 minutes.  After a couple weeks, I was finally able to start using the Strive Smart Strength System and doing some cardio and strength training.   In July I inquired to Megan about hiring a personal trainer.  She set me up with Erika and with her help I am rapidly closing in on my goal of losing 200 lbs in 18 months!!!!!It is truly amazing what diet and an hour at the gym 3-4 da days a week can do.  Now it’s just a lifestyle for me.”

“Erika and I have been working together for a year and a half and she is a truly excellent trainer. She is both well-prepared for every session with an individualized program, and open to modifying the workout to include something I’d like to focus on that week. Erika is incredibly intuitive and always knows when I need to be pushed or encouraged, and her confidence in my abilities has changed how hard I can push myself when working out alone. When we first started, my goals were to become more confident in the gym,and to become more functionally strong. Erika has helped me achieve those goals with kindness, professionalism, a wealth of knowledge, and a genuine interest in who I am as both a person and an athlete.  Training with Erika has made me a stronger person, both physically and mentally, and I credit her with a lot of the healthy lifestyle changes I’ve been making over the time we’ve worked together. I cannot recommend her enough.” – Katie S, 26

“I am 24 and have been working with Erika for just about one year.  When I started training with Erika, I was looking for someone to motivate me and help me plan workouts.  As a varsity athlete in college, I was used to scheduled workouts twice a day, so adjusting to life outside of that environment was difficult for me, but working with Erika created a new structure to my health routine that was absolutely necessary for my self-care!  Erika’s sensitivity, flexibility, and support has been invaluable in helping me maintain my strength and fitness after finishing college athletics!” – Emily W.

“I first met Erika a year ago when I was 68 years old. She was referred to me by a friend. I have a physical condition that causes weak muscles, made weaker by too much exercise – as a result I was doing little other than regular walking to maintain my strength and cardiovascular health. I asked Erika to design an exercise program that I could do every other day to improve and maintain primarily my upper body
flexibility and strength, to complement the walking that I was doing. Over the past year, Erika has worked with me and provided me with exercise programs of increasing challenge, beginning very gradually. This has resulted in growing flexibility and strength, and overall physical well-being. She is highly skilled, encouraging, and a good observer and listener – she doesn’t hesitate to challenge me to the next level. I have exceeded my goals and, with her help, intend to continue improving. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.” – Miriam W.

Cienna has been my personal trainer for approximately 3 months. I find her to be a great motivator!! She is very caring but she is in no way “soft”, I know I have worked out when she is finished with me. She makes me want to succeed and more importantly make me believe I can!! I have a very busy schedule and she can always fit me in or change my appointment as needed. Another thing I would like to mention, she puts safety first and I feel that is very important. Also, she listens to me and coordinates a work out that works for me.  Lastly she is just a really nice caring person who I am lucky enough to have for my Personal Trainer.” – Barbara T.

“During my three sessions with Cienna, she was very supportive and truly wanted to help me reach my goals. Within my three sessions, I learned how to safely and effectively exercise. Learning the techniques of movements and how to effectively work out to get great results has helped me reach those goals. Her training methods even encouraged me to join her group fitness class. I now have more confidence in what I’m doing when I go to the gym and it’s all thanks to Cienna.” – Ashlyn F.

“I have always wanted a trainer but I have always been to intimidated. The moment I met Cienna my views changed-her immediate warm personality and her genuine wanting to help far passed my expectations. She always came to our sessions prepared with  new and innovative ways to assist me in meeting my goals. She went above and beyond even offering to email me workouts the week we couldn’t meet. She was always supportive, pushing me past what I thought I was capable of.” Rebecca S.

“I decided to employ the help of Cienna after I admitted the need to get into shape with weight loss and exercise. I have been a member of various fitness centers off and on in the past, ranging from crossfit to pilates classes. I have always found cardio to be my biggest enemy. Fortunately for me, Cienna has been very helpful and patient. I have always felt welcomed and supported during my sessions with Cienna and my time at befit. The biggest difference when working out with Cienna than being on my own, is that she helps me  get the most out of my work outs. She works with the whole body to provide a tiring yet satisfying work out. Cienna has been great tapping into my motivation  and reminds me during  the most trying parts of the work out. Cienna has offered a well balanced work out that has helped me develop my mind set in a positive way  and make me want to go to the gym! Since I started, I have felt innately stronger in my day to day tasks. I find that I’m not  dreading putting on jeans. My horse back riding endurance has immensely increased. Thank you, Cienna and now I’m  not so nervous for my horse back riding instructor to come home from Florida!” Tabitha G.

“The first think Cienna did was get to know me and ask questions about my fitness journey along with goals I wanted to achieve by training with her. She made me feel extremely comfortable and genuinely excited to train me. During my personal  training she pushed to exceed with encouragement and motivation. I completed my training sessions with Cienna feeling empowered to be a fitter and better ME:)” Kathy G.

“My name is Ryan, I’ve been working with Cienna since January of this year. I can  honestly say that I wouldn’t  have stuck with exercise if it weren’t for our sessions. It’s easy for me to find an excuse to quit things. Having the weekly sessions and learning the basics has taught me so much already. The instructions given are very clear and easy to understand. I’m learning my limits and that it’s about getting the right form  and taking time instead of rushing to get it done. The positive feedback makes an immense  difference in knowing that it pays off to push through. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to work with her!” Ryan S.

“Cienna stands out as the best personal trainer I have ever had. She is understanding of my limits (of rheumatoid arthritis), encouraging all my efforts and has the blessed gift of humor. She has created a space where I want to try  harder and to come closer to being in shape. She has opened up a world of less pain and greater serenity. I am  grateful  that I have met her.” Camilla K.



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