Client Reviews

  • The owners are friendly and seem truly interested in customer workout/injury history. Pete volunteered 45 minutes of his time to show me how to use each Strive machine, and he made sure my back injury wasn't bothering me. He also paid close attention to my posture and the correct settings, writing them all down on a chart for me.

    Shira S.
  • “My experience with be Fit! and Brittany as my trainer has been nothing short of amazing. The club has many great options for all levels of exercise. When I started, I wanted to join somewhere climate controlled, that I could do some cardio. Once I starting working with Brittany, she patiently taught me how to use the cable machines and dumbbells, along with many full body exercise routines I could do by myself. Her excitement was infectious and I loved going in for 1-on-1 training sessions. When she started the small group classes I was even more excited to join with other members! Brittany gives me tips and tricks whenever I see her and pushes me to do more to achieve my goals. Without her training, I’d just be walking on a treadmill. Now, I’m more confident, I have more knowledge about exercises and enjoy the time I spend at the gym. With her training, support with diet and meal planning, I’ve lost 20 lbs and feel amazing. I’m always excited to see what Brittany will challenge me with next!”

    Tressa A.
  • This gym is always clean and the staff is very welcoming and helpful. Iv been training with Brittany and she is the best. She makes you feel confident and comfortable. She encourages you while making sure your form is correct so you don’t injure yourself. She also gives you work out tips to do on your own and nutritional tips! I would recommend Brittany to anyone!!

    Alicia S.
  • Outstanding gym. Friendly staff/owners, nice clientele, and ALL the equipment needed for any fitness goal.

    Steven M.
  • It was wonderful to take a zumba class at beFIT! Amherst with Ahna again. Thank you Megan for your responsiveness to member requests, and thanks a lot Ahna for teaching such an enjoyable and invigorating class on a rather cold day.

    Carol B.
  • I love the gym! It’s very clean, has a lot of equipment. I just love working out there!

    Karla S.

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