5 tips to everyday energy from our trainer Cienna

First Tip: Fill, Drink & Repeat

Carry a smaller-sized water bottle (20oz or less), and drink it! Every few hours when you get up to refill, do 10 squats at the water cooler, and another 10 before you sit down at your desk. Think you’ll look goofy? Chances are that you will. But creating routine and habit throughout the day (especially if you’re the type of person that makes excuses to not exercise or step foot into a gym)

Second Tip: Split Up The Work

Make a daily push up goal, and complete in blocks throughout the day. If your goal is 100 per day – do 25 when you wake up, 25 before lunch, 25 in the afternoon, and 25 before bed. Track them on a post it note or a smartphone so you have a visual of your accomplishment. Push ups are a great full body workout using only your body weight. You don’t need anything but your body and a clean floor, right? Make it happen!

Third Tip: Energize Yourself

To ensure you have the nutrition energy to workout, carry healthy snacks in your bag. Fueling your body with snacks like fruit, granola bars, and nuts will give you the energy to get you through a workout successfully. Keep meals clean, small and frequent to encourage constant fat burn.

Fourth Tip: Strength Training Can Be Done Anywhere!

Strength training can be done anywhere! If you have a chair, you can do squats, calf raise, tricep dips…if you have a desk, you can do elevated push-ups! If you have a gallon of water or canned food, you can do just about any free weight exercise you’d do with a normal dumbbell. Getting in shape doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you can get creative! Excuses can only go so far. Take advantage of your free time and your surroundings and become a better, healthier you!

Fifth Tip: Pyramid Workout

Choose two upper body and two lower body moves. For each exercise, start with 10 reps on your right and 10 on your left side. Follow up immediately with 8 on each side, followed by 6, followed by 4 to completely fatigue your muscles. Do not rest in between! Burn more calories!

Exercises to try:

Upper Body Lower Body

1. Shoulder Press

2. Bicep Curl

3. Overhead Tricep Extension

4. Straight Arm Side Raise

5. Straight Arm Front Raise

1. Reverse Lunges

2. Bodyweight Squats

3. Side Lunges

4. Reverse Leg Lifts

5. Squat to Forward Kick

The pyramid workout should burn your muscles by the end. If it’s burning, it’s working! Fatigue is good! Push through it.

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