1. Eat vegetables at breakfast.

If you consider veggies a dinner-only food group, you, like most of America, are likely not eating enough of them. I like to add avocado to two hard boiled eggs with a little salt. I’ve also added avocado to my egg and toast sandwich. You can repurpose last night’s veggies in an omelet or make egg muffins with veggies on a Sunday so you are ready for the week. Here is a recipe for veggie egg muffins http://showmetheyummy.com/healthy-egg-muffin-cups/.

In addition to providing important nutrients, vegetables are key to achieving your beach bod since their high fiber and water content can keep you feeling full even when you’re eating fewer calories

  1. Embrace bad breath.

Would you rather carry around some breath mints or carry around some extra weight? If you prefer the mints, use them to chase meals with garlic and onion –both contain minerals and oils that help break down fat deposits and speed up metabolism, Fish high in omega fatty acids like salmon, black cod, arctic char and sea bass are also worth their stink – especially if you eat them for dinner. The result is a deeper sleep, increased growth hormone release and reduction of inflammation.

  1. Carry around a bottle of water.

Advice to drink plenty of water – we recommend chugging up to 1 ounce per pound of body weight daily – isn’t new, but it bears repeating since people aiming to lose weight often don’t do it. They don’t realize how incredibly helpful that could be to help them lose weight. Why? Because drinking water before and during meals can help fill you up – or help you realize that you’re actually thirsty rather than hungry. What’s more, as you amp up your fiber intake via fruit and vegetables, you’ll need more water to help flush it all through. It helps to cleanse you from the inside out. Water, too, is an ideal substitute for calorie-laden, blood sugar–affecting drinks including booze, many juices and soda. Also, stay away from sugar free soda.

  1. Eat whole foods as this is a lifestyle, not a short term diet

While you could lose weight quickly by buying into some juice cleanse or other quick fix, you could also lose weight by eating (plenty of) real food – and avoid gaining it all back the moment you put your cover-up on, experts say. By restricting and drastically reducing your calories, you’re actually hurting your chances in the long run of losing and keeping the weight off. We recommend that you buy single-ingredient foods, including lean meats like fish, flank steak and poultry; starches like potatoes, lentils and oatmeal; dark green vegetables like asparagus, spinach and kale; whole eggs; and fresh – not dried – fruits.

  1. Keep a food journal

If you think you’re eating healthier but not seeing results, keep an honest food journal to keep you accountable and prevent you from mindless eating. Indeed, one study of 1,700 people showed that people who kept food diaries lost twice as much weight as people who didn’t. Also we recommend writing down activities like meal prep and exercise in a calendar, too. Try, for example, setting aside some time on Sundays to chop vegetables to snack on all week. Keep out bowls of raw veggies or nuts to encourage healthy snacking. If you really want to prioritize health and weight … you really need to write it down in your calendar – just like a conference call. Treat it with that kind of priority.